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Postby ESCAPEROOM » 20 Jun 2009, 17:42


- Most number and color combinations are different in every game.
- The ones in this walkthrough can be different in your game – but I will explain to you how to you use your ones!!!

1) Look behind the case and you find a round, silver key.
2) Turn right ones and zoom into the Picture (“Da Vinci Man”) – look at the lower left side of the picture.
3) Take the first small battery.
4) Use the key at the same place, where the battery was.
5) Take the black key lying in front of the safe.
6) Turn left ones and zoom the case … you can open it now using the black key at both sides.
7) Take the envelope (when you zoom it you can take out a paper – there is a smiley and the text “good luck” on it), the penknife (when you zoom it you can make it to a knife, screwdriver und corkscrew), the laser pointer and the cube.
8) Zoom out the case and turn left ones – there are two squares with a button beside it.
9) Zoom into the left square and push the button.
10) Take the little test glass.
11) Zoom the penknife and make it to a corkscrew – zoom out.
12) Zoom the little test glass – take the corkscrew and open the glass.
13) Take the little paper (tells you XX = 43) (can be another one in your game!!!).
14) Turn left and look under the chair (from the left side).
15) Take the little paper (tells you, how long do you have to push the button beside the right sqaure).
16) Zoom out the chair and zoom in at the right side.
17) Look at the right side of the door (onto the slat [wood border]) – there is the second little battery.
18) Zoom out and turn right.
19) Zoom the second square at the wall and push the button 10 seconds.
20) Take the gold.
21) Zoom out and turn right.
22) Zoom in the right corner - there is a loose-fitting plank.
23) Use the gold at the one end (near to the wall) of the plank.
24) At the other side there is a thread – you can cut it with the knife (first you have to zoom the penknife and change it into an knife).
25) Take back the gold and lift up the plank.
26) Take the UV-lighter.
27) Now zoom out and turn right to the wall with the two quarters.
28) At the right side there is a power outlet – using the different parts of the penknife you can take it out of the wall (first the knife, than the screwdriver, after that you can pull it out of the wall).
29) Take the third little battery.
30) Now you can zoom the laser pointer an fill it with the little batteries (you don’t have to open the laser pointer first).
31) Use the laser pointer on every free place you want – it shows you the code for the safe.
R = right, L = left, XX = the number on the little paper
32) Open the safe using the code (place your mouse on the left (L) side of the zero and push the mouse button to make the weal turn left – for the right way place the mouse on the right side).
33) Take out the silver screwdriver and the radio.
34) The radio is the first quiz:
- Push the play button – you hear 5 strange noises
- Now you have to change every little tuner until you hear 5 different noises
- Start with the right one change one step and push the play button
- Different noise? Next tuner!
- The same noise? Change the same tuner one more step!
35) Go on with every tuner until you hear five different noises push the open button.
36) Take the little paper (some combination; in my game: 1. b1, 2. d1, 3. a3, 4. d2 – but 5 to 8 missing).
37) Watch at the 3-step-explanation and use the penknife as a knife to take the magnet from the loudspeaker.
38) Zoom the silver screwdriver that you get at the safe and place the magnet at the one end of it.
39) Go to the chair and take out all screws with the silver screwdriver (you first have to zoom the left and the right side of the chair).
40) Now you can use the silver screwdriver with the magnet how it is explained in the radio.
41) You will find 4 AA-batteries.
42) Zoom the UV-lighter and fill in the 4 AA-batteries.
43) Now you can start to find the 3 keys for the box that you found in the case.
First key:
- Zoom into the right quarter at the wall – zoom one more time to see the 3×3 panel
- Push the long button until you can see all colors above the panel
- Write down the colors (Red blue green yellow dark blue pink) (can be another one in your game!!!)
- Now zoom your cube and use the UV-lighter on both sides of the cube
- Write down which color has which number (Red = 4; blue = 2; green = 3; yellow = 6; dark blue = 1; pink = 5) (can be another one in your game!!!)
- Now start with the first color – in my game it is red – red is in my game the 4 – so I use the 3×3 panel to make a 4 like it is on the cube (I push the following - - Buttons: upper left, upper right, down left, down right) (I hope you understand now, how to “re-build” the cube-number at the panel)
- After every color and number you have to push the long button
- After you put in all 6 number in the right way the cover will open and you get your first key
Second key:
- First zoom the left quarter at the wall and use the UV-lighter on it – you will see button of a paino
- The buttons stands for the notes C D E F G A B
- Now go the case and look at the right side of the top
- 4 colors with 4 letters on it – write down (in my game: blue = B; yellow = D; dark blue = A; green = C)
- Go back to the panel and use this information on the buttons
Third key:
- Zoom the paper with the smile (in the envelope)
- Use the UV-lighter
- You see some squares around the letters which combines: G and D, O and C, O and U, L and K
- Now you have to search for some hidden information in the room (find it with the UV-lighter) (Remember, in your game the information can be different)
- On the gold: GO = c2 (G=c + O=2)
- In the hole on the ground (where you take the plank): OD = a4 (O=a + D=4)
- Behind the power outlet: LU = c1 (L=c + U=1)
- In the safe: CK = b1 (C=b + K=1)
- But the smiley paper tells you to combine: G+D = c4; O+C = 2b; O+U = a1; L+K = c1
- Now you add this combinations to the ones you find in the radio
- In my game: 1. b1, 2. d1, 3. a3, 4. d2 + 5. c4, 6. b2, 7. a1, 8. c1
- Now go to the case (don’t zoom) and use the UV-lighter above it on the wall
- You will see a square – zoom in and at the lower right side you will find a button – push it
- Zoom in the panel
- Use the combinations and push the buttons – from upper left to upper right a b c d – from lower left to upper left 1 2 3 4 (example: the first upper right button is: a4)
- You will get the third key
44) Use the 3 keys on the box in the case.
45) You will get a door handle.
46) Use it on the door and you will be free.

Thanks, Olbo.

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