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Postby ESCAPEROOM » 15 Oct 2008, 13:52


Note: The yellow figure at the top left represents you. The compass at the top right is the view object button.

1) Click on the yellow guy and view object.
2) Click the rope until it is added to your inventory. Then X out.
3) Click the bra on the female statue. It is added to your inventory.
4) Go to the sawhourse view, click just left of the right doorjam, near the floor. Take the Viagra.
5) Click the male statue's hand (one near his head), and you'll find panties. Take them.
6) Put the rope on the male statue's penis. It will attach to the spinning thing. Push the button. The statue's penis was pulled off. Take it. Take back the rope.
7) View the bra and put the statue penis in it. There is now a slingshot in the inventory.
8) Click up above the spinning thing. There is a Hentai Magazine. Click on the slingshot and then click on the magazine. The magazine falls to the floor. Take the magazine.
9) Push the button till the spinning thing gives you a clear view of the statue's penis behind it. Take the penis.
10) View the magazine. Take note of the stars on the girls breasts. It is different each time, ex. (L R R L L R). X out.
11) Look at the female statue. View the yellow guy. Put the panties on his head. X out. You will see a mathmatical formula (different each time). This is important! One must look at the female statue, as it greys out the 5th and 6th digit. Ex. my original number was 28+39X968+72X47. When looking at the female statue it's 28+3 968+72X47. This translates to 28+3968+(72X47). Remember, to get the proper result, multiply the last two #'s before adding that total to the first two numbers. You should get a four digit # as a result. View the yellow guy, take off the panties, and X out.
12) Look at the sawhourse. View the yellow guy. Give him the viagra. He gets a woody. X out.
13) Click on the yellow guy and then on the black hole on the sawhourse. A condom falls out. Pick it up. View it and click on it to expand the condom. X out.
14) Look at the female statue. Use the breast code from the magazine (step 10) on the female statue. The statue has an orgasm. Click on the condom and then on the fluid. This fills the condom with the fluid.
15) View the magazine. Click the condom and click on the blacked out pubic areas. You get a letter code. In my case, UAHCHU. Note: C=Left breast of statue, U=Right breast of statue, H=Button on wall that spins the object on the floor, A=Hole in the sawhorse. Click on the yellow guy. Then, following the ordering of the letters, click on each object, wait for the 0 to appear at the bottom, then click on the next object. Note: Make sure when you push the sawhourse hole, the sawhourse jumps, or it won't work. When you do it correctly, it will automatically take you to the black part of the door and a panel will open up revealing a 4 digit entry key. Here is where you need the number you get by putting the panties over your head and looking at the female statue.
16) Input the 4 digit number. A hole will open below the number input.
17) The condom is empty from when you used it on the magazine. Do the breast push code to get the female statue to orgasm again. Then refill the condom.
18) Insert the condom into the hole, then the statue penis, then the yellow guy. The door will open a bit.
19) Try to get out. You can't. The yellow guy's woody is not letting you get through. So, view the yellow guy use the rope on the yellow guy's groin area, which ties back his woody. X out. Then, click on the opening in the door.

You've escaped! Click on the Japanese writing to get a "Congratulations!" message.

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